my heart says yes but my mom says no

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"The days are passing and I’m not living. Truly, I’m not living a thing. It looks like was yesterday that this become a new year, begun again, and I don’t remember that four months already passed. Or already passed five? The question is, my days are passing more and more fast, I see myself lost in the middle of all the calendars, dates, times, minutes and I’m not living at all. I don’t have any idea about what happened last week. If they ask me about what did I did three days ago, I’ll say that I did nothing. If they ask ask what did I did last month, I’ll say that I did nothing. If they ask me about what am I doing with my life, I’ll answer that I’m doing nothing too. It feels like when I die, this will be all that will last of me: a big, empty and vague nothing."

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Happy Earth Day!

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"A lot of people… tell me I’m a bit… dreamy. But I like the idea of that. Of being somewhere else."

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inspiration for crowns & tiaras

"queens crowned in golden-jeweled halos, rule like angels among demons. their eyes shine like ethereal emeralds and stunning sapphires."

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